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Patronics maintains the utmost quality through complete monitoring and accurate electrical engineering solutions for water infrastructure.


Typical installation consist of
Drinking water treatment plants

Depending of the capacity of the water treatment plant ranging from 80,000M3 – 160,000M3 per day and process methodology; the sizes and numbers of all the equipment within the plant will be determined.

  • Raw water intake – off shores, on shore and borehole. Pump size and numbers vary from 50kW – 250kW with VFD starters or soft starters
  • Chemical dosing – chlorine, PAC, Alum, etc.
  • Distribution chambers – distribution and regulation for sedimentation tank feeding as well as return
  • Reaction chambers – coagulation and flocculation with rapid and slow mixers
  • Clarifiers – floc settlement and removal by sludge pumps to drying beds
  • Sand Filters – remove impurities from clarified water
  • Back Wash Pumps – to clean sand filters
  • Clean water tanks – storage & monitoring of water for distribution
  • Clean water pumping station – pump size and number of pumps vary from 500kW – 750kW x numbers 3 – 4 with V.F.D starters
  • Automation, instrumentation & SCADA system to control/ monitor the process and distribution of water

Waste water treatment plants

  • Flow separator chamber – separation of raw sewage
  • Inlet screw pump station
  • Coarse screen chamber – screening of large size waste from sewage
  • Fine screen chamber – screening of small size waste from sewage
  • Aerated grid chamber – for removal of grease and sand
  • Lifting pumping station – to lift and pump pre-treated waste water for further biological processing
  • Bio filters
  • Effluent storage – to be used for irrigation or further processing



  • Kigoro water treatment plant - site works
  • Masinga Kitui water supply project
  • 4 Towns pilot management project rehabilitation works – Litein & Siaya water supplies
  • Eldoret water supply
  • Solai Menengai water pipeline project
  • Olobanita water supply project Bahati Nakuru
  • Malindi water supply project


  • United Nations water tank & pumping station
  • Katosi drinking water treatment plant & earthing, housing, plants & administration buildings
  • Gaba Water treatment complex Gaba 1, 2 & 3 and transmission improvement – electrical and automation
  • Katosi – Kampala drinking water transmission mains project
  • Gaba 1 water new intake works
  • Kinawataka waste water pre-treatment plant & lifting station


  • Bugesera water supply