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Electrical design is a critical aspect of any project that involves the use of electrical power. It involves the creation of a detailed plan for the installation and operation of electrical systems and equipment. The key considerations for electrical design in projects are as below.


The safety of everyone involved in the project is paramount. Electrical design should be carried out in compliance with safety regulations, codes, and standards to ensure that the electrical system is safe and reliable. The design should also consider potential hazards, such as electrical shock, electrocution, and fire, and incorporate safety features such as circuit breakers, grounding systems, and protective devices.


One of the critical steps in electrical design is to calculate the electrical load that the system will be required to handle. Load calculations involve determining the power requirements of all the devices and equipment that will be connected to the electrical system. This calculation helps to determine the right size of conductors, fuses, and breakers to use in the system.


The electrical layout of the project should be well planned to ensure that it meets the requirements of the project. It is essential to consider the physical space available for the electrical equipment and ensure that it is adequately sized to meet the needs of the project. A well-designed layout should take into account the placement of electrical panels, outlets, and other electrical equipment, as well as cable routing and conduit runs.


Electrical design should consider energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption, minimize the cost of operation, and promote environmental sustainability. This can be achieved through the use of energy efficient devices, such as LED lighting, and the incorporation of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power.


Electrical design should also take into consideration the maintenance and servicing requirements of the electrical system. The design should ensure that the electrical equipment is easily accessible for servicing and repair, and the system should be designed to allow for easy expansion or modification if needed.

Electrical design is a critical aspect of any project that involves the use of electrical power. A well-designed electrical system ensures safety, energy efficiency, and reliability. Patronics Services has a team of qualified and experienced electrical engineer to ensure that the electrical design of the project is of high quality and meets the required standards. We can provide professional services in planning, designing and detail electrical engineering for diverse project types such as residences, office, shopping malls, mixed-use developments, educational institutions, hospitals, health sectors, hotels, resorts, religious institutions, industrial setups, water & waste water treatment plants and street lighting.

Services we provide include

1. Complete electrical project engineering, estimation and project scheduling for Greenfield and Brownfield projects.
2. Load Calculation
3. Single Line Diagrams
4. Main Substation Planning
5. Electrical power distribution system design
6. Equipment Specifications
7. Branch circuit layout and panel scheduling
8. Indoor / Outdoor Lighting design
9. Electrical Floor Plan Layout
10. Earthing & Lightning Protection design
11. Fire Detection and CCTV system design
12. Solar backup system design.

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